I’m currently a second-year graduate student at UCLA in the Physics and Astronomy Department studying astroparticle physics. Other than physics, my intellectual interests include astrobiology, cultural anthropology, philosophical postmodernism, the Scottish Nationalist movement, and Modern Hebrew. Some of my experiential interests have lately included asking people what they’d choose between flight and invisibility, and deciding between brown bread and vegan maple Oreo at Scoops in Koreatown.

dotter, v.

Obs. or dial.

intr. To move unsteadily and infirmly; to totter; to fall in a tottering way.

c1420 Avow. Arth. xvi, He began to dotur and dote Os he hade keghet scathe.

a1440 Sir Degrev. 1109 The duk dotered to the ground, On erthe swyfftly he swouned. ?1524 in Ramsay Evergreen I. 213 With Grief..I dottard owre on Sleip. 1789 DAVIDSON Seasons 112 (Jam.) Willy dottart by himsel Among the hens.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. hannahb said

    Dear dotterer,
    Please ask Mr. Scoops to bring back dill mascarpone!! In exchange I will make you vegetable matzo ball soup!

  2. enreal said

    I must state…your site is quite brilliant. Really…I shall have to explore more. Keep posting!

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