So I’ll spare the blogosphere any additional, ill-formed pontifications for the day and simply share with you my top seven physics cartoons. Why seven you ask, as opposed to the canonical 10? Well the short answer is, I couldn’t find 10 that were notable enough. The long answer is too long, but suffice it to say that seven has lots of nice features. Not only has its glyph stayed relatively constant since it was first used by the Hindus, but it’s also the number of spots found on a common ladybug.


The solution to failing schools…?

How (more than) half of all theoretical high-energy particle physicists end up:

In typically Gary Larson fashion, this one speaks for itself:

Yet another reason why not to trust an experimentalist with a cat (or anything else that breathes):

Alex Kusenko ended his talk at UC Irvine on sterile neutrinos with this very apropos cartoon:

And of course, a very elegant and general method for solving any physics problem:

Okay, the last one isn’t really a cartoon, but it’s just too amusing not to put on the list. Someone actually put that on an exam! Zero points is a little harsh though. They should get a a point or two at least for having such an elegant and creative solution.